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 Communication in the Violence, Ventrilo

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Communication in the Violence, Ventrilo Empty
PostSubject: Communication in the Violence, Ventrilo   Communication in the Violence, Ventrilo Icon_minitimeSat Aug 08, 2009 3:02 pm

I have a ventrilo set up for the legion members to use.

Ventrilo is a live voice chat program. It allows members who use this service to talk not type to other ventrilo users of the legion.

This is a free service for VI members.

To download the ventrilo client go to Make sure to choose the Client and not Server download. It takes about 1 - 2 minutes.

Once you have installed the vent on your computer, open it and you will see a White box. Click ok the Top ->> and type in ViolentIntent.

The Host or IP is
The Port is 5670

Next Click on User -> and enter you in game name. If we do not know the name we see we will ban it. So make sure to use your in game name there.

Next, on the main interface go to SetUp. In the top left corner there are 5 boxes. Chech box 1 2 3 and 5.

On that set up screen, on the left in the middle is a Press To Talk key option. Put your cursor in the box and hit the key u want to use to press to talk in Vent.

Now hit the Connect icon and Welcome to Vent. Smile

Do not give this info to non VI members.

Even if you have no mic u can use this and hear other members talk. Ask a question in legion chat and we can see it and answer.

There are several chanels that can be chosen in the vent to help you. For example, if a team is PKing by the gobi gate, you all can enter that channel so you arent bothered by other members talking about trades or boss hunting etc.

VI has members from all over the world, so please dont worry if your english isnt perfect. And if you want to go into a channel with other VI members who speak you native language you can. Otherwise alll members enter the vent at log in in the lobby and you can talk to anyone. Smile

Please at least try this service. It is free and is a gret advantage in Wars, Bossing, Pking, trading, and learning the game in general.

Mind yuur language on vent as some members have children who can hear the vent. Abuse the language in a way that bothers other users and you can be banned from the vent.
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Communication in the Violence, Ventrilo
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