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 How the war claim works and why...

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How the war claim works and why... Empty
PostSubject: How the war claim works and why...   How the war claim works and why... Icon_minitimeThu Aug 13, 2009 4:14 pm

At the daily legion war claim....

Deputies. leader. leaders spouse and assigned personnel enter the treasury first.

There they w8 till the treasury guards go away and then they claim the red stones.

All deputies, leader and spouse keep 1 red. Extra reds (2) are given to me and i save them to pass out to VI members who I choose who need them. most often it is to the lower ranked that are working hard on their char and need a blessing etc.

Once the treasury reds are claimed and counted, we put up a Legion Chat that sasy "ALL CLEAR" this is when members enter and get a trunk with an xball.

The high ranks I named as those who ge to keep a red everyday is the way it will always be. With out those members we never would have took the war anyhow and it was once a hard fight that they made. They have it coming and yes they do need them. Dont even argue the point with me ty Smile

Those who didnt like the way i do this have resigned the legion, so be it. We hold the war for a reason and i dont forget that.

There are lower ranks that also have permission to enter early to claim when we need help claiming for offline members. haggin Zia Hellblazer Squalllockheart, Angel_Eyes, solena.. etc are called on when we need help and they pass the reds to us after they claim.

Any questions let me know ty Smile

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How the war claim works and why... Empty
PostSubject: tusc is sexy   How the war claim works and why... Icon_minitimeThu Aug 13, 2009 6:44 pm

afro $M0k3 afro loves tusc forever
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How the war claim works and why...
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