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 The Violent Attitude

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PostSubject: The Violent Attitude   The Violent Attitude Icon_minitimeFri Aug 14, 2009 3:13 pm

All Red Name Legions Die

No Exceptions

No Negotiations

No Mercy

Remove any enemy from your friends list, it messes up team pk mode and the legion war.

No enemy in VI map families.

All fam members are to be arrproved by fam leader, so dont marry a Non Vi without the fam leader knowing.

Go to Legion War if at all possible.

Donate to the legion what u can, those who find the gold to get high nobility rank but dont donate to the legion are wrong, they are being watched.....

No noob char is to have rank, only main chars. Noob chars with rank will be kicked. The only exceptions are approved by me and there is a reason for everything....

Welcome to the Violence.
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The Violent Attitude
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