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 Choosing a Family

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PostSubject: Choosing a Family   Choosing a Family Icon_minitimeSun Aug 16, 2009 1:59 am

Being in a good family can help you in several ways...

A map holding family will give you good exp everyday.

It is best to be in a family that is online when u r and in the same maps at the same time so u can share fam BP. The fam BP can add ALOT of BP to you when on a team in the same map.

So if you need to be in a family or to change families let me know, know who is online and in the same map as u on a reg basis and we will see if we can get ou in the fam that can help u most Smile

Map family leaders you may watch for in the same map as u often (altho some may be full) are :

and there are more, but like i said get with me in game or here and let me know

Just bear in mind that when in a map family u r not totally free to marry anyone you want, like... not a VI member.. etc... a reason for everything Smile

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Choosing a Family
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